Records Management

Records Storage

Under Improvyze's management, Improvyze's innovative services and worry-free solutions give organizations the ability to safely store their important files and records in secure facilities throughout the United States.

Our process is very simple:

  • Improvyze collects boxes of your files from your location in a marked vehicle to safely transport them to Improvyze's warehouse.

  • All boxes of files are indexed in our Records Management System. You will be granted access and have the ability to quickly and easily recall you files. 

  • Your files are stored as long as you need. Dedicated staff manage the facility during normal business hours.

  • As needed, personnel are ready to safely deliver files back to your location.

All boxes of files and records are stored on industrial storage racks preventing unwanted pests from destroying them. Additionally, Improvyze's facilities have 24/7 video surveillance, fire protection systems and police response to alarms. This gives our clients peace of mind knowing their important documents are safe and secure at all times. 

No matter your location, Improvyze has the resources and infrastructure to quickly increase its locations to meet client demand.

Prices for services as well as pickup and delivery times can be discussed with our staff. 

Large corporations outsource positions so they can save money and increase profits. They also hire consultants to help them improve many aspects of their operations. 

YOU should follow their lead - that same path to success.

It's a no-brainer to work with Improvyze and our Clients feel the same way!

Services completed by trained professionals within the United States.

Digital Transformation

A growing trend especially amongst government agencies, Improvyze can quickly covert your paper files to digital files allowing greater on-the-go access. Whether you're working remotely or on a business trip, you can quickly access digital copies of your files anywhere with Internet access.

For small projects - Improvyze will travel to your location to collect boxes of files that will be converted digitally at Improvyze's storage facility. While converting your files, the documents will be cleaned of foreign objects such as staples and saved to a file extension your choice. While in Improvyze's possession, your documents will be handled with care and stored in our safe and secure warehouse until they're ready to be returned or destroyed. 

For large projects - Improvyze will deploy a team to your location to quickly scan all files with our production equipment. Upon completion, documents will be indexed, renamed and saved to a file extension of your choice. Training can be provided so you no longer have to pay for scanning services in the future.