COVID-19 has presented challenges nobody was prepared for. As an agile company that must always pivot strategies to achieve success, Improvyze is prepared to change the way it

communicates and collaborates with its clients. No matter the challenge, Improvyze

is adequately prepared to engage all clients and stakeholders by fully leveraging

online and social media platforms. Improvyze has significant experience providing

virtual meetings, workshops, and tools aimed at allowing people to actively

participate in projects remotely. Improvyze uses several commonly used programs

so project leaders, client staff, elected and appointed officials, and entire

communities can see presentations, ask questions, provide input, and remain

actively and effectively engaged in real time. Improvyze also takes all safety

precautions while around others, no matter the environment.


If face-to-face engagement is not feasible at anytime throughout the project,

Improvyze will work to provide reasonable and adequate methods of communication

to effectively collaborate. Improvyze is confident the suite of tools available will allow all parties to obtain the input required to complete the project successfully and above expectation.