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In a world that has quickly shifted to a digital landscape, now is the time for your physical documents to become digital. But, the thought of digitizing all of those documents saved over many years can be quite daunting. For the health of your company or organization, converting physical documents to digital files is quite important. Not only does digitization help establishments streamline their processes, but it also helps by eliminating errors and mishaps that often come with disorganization.
For many, change is hard. Although it may feel safer to hoard physical documents in filing cabinets scattered throughout your office, the reality is that digitization is the most effective way to keep information secure and organized. Not only can you easily find digital files, but you can also search text on documents with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Whether you have government documents, education records, or private data to digitize, Improvyze understands the importance of keeping your information safe and secure!

Our team of experts makes digitization a quick and easy process for all our clients. Once you identify the files to be digitized, its time to box them up. The good news is that we'll take it from there! From financial documents and medical records to employee records and legal documents, we’ve got you covered.

Once we return to our warehouse with your records, we’ll store them in a secure facility until they are ready to be prepped and scanned. Our professionals will review files to ensure scanning quality, and then we’ll securely transfer digital files to an online FTP. Depending on your preference, we can destroy the physical copies of your files or return them to your facility.

In addition to keeping up with the times, digitization comes with a plethora of benefits companies often don’t consider:

Our team of experts approach each digitization project with fidelity and precision. Since we consider the success of our clients to be our success, we are diligent in providing superior digitization solutions for the longevity and betterment of your organization.

Now is the time to go digital! Contact us today to get started.

  • Increases Collaboration

  • Easy to Share Files

  • Eliminates Human Error

  • Access from Anywhere

  • Frees Up Physical Space

  • Helps Maintain Organization

  • Builds A Modern Reputation

  • Safe from Fire & Disaster